Buying 101


Welcome to Buying 101, where I have complied a list of my blog posts that teach you everything you need to know about buying a home in Toronto from the pre approval process, to placing an offer, to the next steps after you’ve bought a home and everything in between. This is a collection of years worth of blog posts and me trying to educate all types of buyers, whether first time buyers or second or third time buyers. Here I go!

Down Payment & Mortgages:

Mortgage Terminology (ABC’s)

The Mortgage Process (Mortgages Made Easy)

Preapproval vs Approval, What’s The Difference

Fixed vs. Variable Rates

RRSP’s and Your Downpayment (First Time Home Buyer’s Plan)

CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation)

CMHC Increases Their Premiums

Home Appraisals For Mortgage Purposes

The Low Appraisal

Saving For A Downpayment And Not Being House Poor 

5 Questions To Ask A Mortgage Broker

Buying Process:

Everything You Need To Know And Remember When Buying A Home

What To Expect When Buying A Home (The Entire Buying Process Explained)

Living In A House vs A Condo

Neighbourhood Checklist When Buying A Home (Video)

List Price Is Not Always Market Value

Bully Offers and Toronto Real Estate

How To Win A Bidding War In Toronto

HST And Resale Homes

All About Status Certificates and Why You Should Care


Moving Tips

Moving: DIY Or Hiring An Expert

The DIY Move With The Home Depot

You Bought A House Now What:

You Bought A House Now What (Buyer Checklist – Video)

The Home Inspection (Video)

The Financing Condition (Video)

Don’t Forget Your Closing Costs

A Change In Closing Date

How To Set Up Utilities (Video)

My Toronto Hydro

Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer (Video)

How To Shop For Homeowner’s Insurance

Flooded Basement and Homeowner’s Insurance


5 Renovations That Pay Off

Financing Renovations For Buyers

Renovation Tips….Part 1

What You Need To Know About Electrical Wiring

Make sure to revisit this page as I’m always adding to this list. Feel like I missed something? Send it my way and I’ll write a blog post on the topic!

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