My Projects

Thinking of renovating your Toronto home and not sure where to start? Uncertain of the process and scared of what you’ll find when you start ripping down walls? Well, don’t be! Not only am I a realtor, but also an experienced Toronto renovator, and I have shared all the projects I have worked on below. So take a look at some before and after pictures (which is my favourite part), so you know what to expect, educate yourself on which renovations add value and which don’t and read some of my tips along the way!

Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

First Project Ever, click here 

Second Project, click here

Third Project, click here 

Fourth Project, click here 

Fifth Project, click here

First Design Project, click here

Second Design Project, click here

If you have any questions on these projects or need some help with your project or even need to know which renovations add value to your home and which don’t, give me a shout, I’m always here to help!